The Art Zone Studio promotes creative expression and personal growth on many levels. It is important to keep oneself informed, inspired and mentally & soulfully refreshed!

Through various creative techniques and exploration with different art materials and forms of expression, often including mindfulness techniques and guided visualization, all workshops, programs and classes are custom designed to help participants feel inspired, creative, relaxed and grounded, while gaining practical skills and tools to take away and apply in our daily lives.

Each of us has our own unique talents and gifts and through various art-based activities and workshops the  classes are intended to help give a voice to individual creative expression in a fun, engaging and supportive atmosphere.

  1. *Creative energy used for art making evolves into creating options and opportunities

  2. *Art is a powerful tool for self awareness

  3. *Art making & creative expression build confidence, self esteem and critical thinking skills in people of all ages and from all back grounds

  4. *Art encourages people of all ages to develop emotional literacy, problem solving skills and appreciation for diversity


Welcome to the Art Zone in beautiful Elora, Ontario. 

Summer Art Camps:

  1. -Full Days// July & August                            

  (ages 7-12 yrs.)

  1. -Over 20 years experience working with children...10 yrs. experience working as an Art Specialist & Teacher

Art Therapy

Using visual imagery & art creation to benefit individuals of all ages and abilities - Expressive art workshops are designed and facilitated by a trained art therapist for community organizations, health care and educational facilities, as well as for individual clients.

No previous art background or experience necessary!


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